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How do you make a map on here?

Joined: 07/19/2016
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How do you make a map on here?

Started: 07/20/2016

I signed up because of school to start a timeline and cannot find how to start a map. I tried downloading a timeline I made and it will not download

Stefan Schuster
Joined: 02/20/2007
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Posted: 07/23/2016

You may start by taking a look at our guide at
Once you signed up, click the "New mind map" button to create a new document, and then click the center topic of the new mind map to start editing it (renaming it, adding children, and so on).
Mind42 is a pure online service. There is nothing to download. You can export your created mind maps to different file formats like PDF or JPG, but besides that there is no option to download anything.

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