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Tips on moving your on premises IT Infrastructure to the Azure Cloud | Celebal Technologies

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For a business or a corporation to function efficiently, their IT infrastructure must run 24x7 without any hitch. Ever since the wide-scale adoption of computers by the general public in the ’90s, the logical approach has always been to set up the servers, networking and other hardware in-house for better accessibility. In the modern world, with a pandemic forcing most of the working population to lockdowns, the on-site infrastructure has been hard to maintain.

To overcome this limitation, one of the most famous products of the internet - Cloud Computing comes to the rescue. Tech firms such as Microsoft have Azure Cloud Services, providing a cloud computing environment with third party services, offering excellent support. These services take care of the entire Database operations, reducing a lot of space, energy for a fraction of the cost. While shifting the entire IT infrastructure sounds intimidating, it’s a really smart move and a financially sound decision. To know about a few important tips on migrating on-premise IT infrastructure to the Azure cloud that will turn out to be fruitful in the long run, Visit