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Best Oxygen concentrator | OxygenForIndia

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At OxygenForIndia we are working on that last mile delivery problem. Through OxygenForIndia desks at hospitals, people can now request and receive oxygen cylinders or concentrators.

This brings us to the question of which is better – a cylinder or a concentrator? Cylinders are bulky, which leads to challenging logistics when it comes to delivery but are cheaper and easier to refill. Concentrators are lighter but are more expensive and need electricity to run.

Well, it depends. If you are going to be in a place where electricity supply is assured, then oxygen concentrators are a better option; a large portion of the cost is the upfront cost and the only recurring involve electricity. There are limited logistical hassles associated with transporting a concentrator. But bear in mind, in a country like India electricity is not reliable or even available in some places and should hence be factored into the decision. If the concentrator shuts down, it could be dangerous for someone who is dependent on it. Visit