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Food helps to reduce infertility problem in men

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Food which helps to reduce infertility problem in men.

Let's take a look for food that helps you to boost fertility in male. One thing that is important for improving your fertility is include food items that are rich in essential nutrients that may boost your fertility. Here are some vital nutrients which you may add to your diet.

Vitamin D: It is scientifically proven that vitamin D increases sperm motility. Men who have a deficiency of vitamin D have lower sperm motility in comparison to men who have balanced vitamins in their bodies.

Kiwi: Studies show that consumption of Vitamin C improves sperm count and sperm motility. One kiwi contains almost the entire daily recommended value of vitamin C for men.

Water: Drinking water is not only important for a healthy body, but it also helps in maintaining good health of sperms.

Now we take look for food that you need to avoid are as follow:

Alcohol and Carbonated drinks: Avoid consuming high amounts of carbonated beverages and alcohol can affect sperm production.

Processed and Junk Food: Consuming processed and junk food can take a toll on your health and infertility. Minimize the consumption of such foods when you are planning to have a baby.