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Linksys Velop Setup Without App | Linksys Velop Login | linksyssmartwifi.com

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If you wish to have strong and consistent wifi signals in all the corners of your place, then you must complete the Linksys Velop web setup. check out the below mentioned steps:
1. To get started, you need to connect the Linksys Velop to your existing modem.
2. Take an Ethernet cable and connect the one end of the cable into modem and other end into Velop device.
3. Connect the power adapter to Linksys Velop. Next, plug the adapter into the power source.
4. While starting up the node, you will see the solid blue light.
5. Now, you can turn on the computer and connect to the Linksys Velop network.
6. To set up the primary node, you need to open a browser on your computer and navigate to linksyssmartwifi.com web page.
7. First, you will be required to create a Linksys cloud account. Create a new account by providing the email address and password.
8. The Linksys Velop setup wizard will detect your internet connection type. You can select it manually as well.
9. Now, you will see the option to change the wireless settings of the Linksys Velop. Provide a wireless network name and password.
10. You will need to select the primary location so that you can identify the nodes. You can provide a name to your primary node.
11. Now, Linksys velop web setup is complete.
Install primary node and you can also add more nodes with the assistance of wired or wireless connection. If you want to configure or manage your Velop device from any location, then you must install Linksys Velop app on your mobile device.
To know more about Linksys Velop setup without app or linksys velop login, you can contact our technicians and as them to help you with them. Our technical team is just a call away!