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Artificial Intelligence in Medical Devices | HealthCubed

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to duplicate human intelligence via machines. It incorporates machine learning algorithms to collect and analyze data, and produce responses based on prior predictions. AI has been growing in demand and usage in recent years due to its effectiveness in speeding up processes and reducing the overall cost of processes.

AI has surpassed the boundary of the technical field and is being incorporated in various fields like retails, sports, agriculture, and healthcare. Among these, AI-based technology is now being increasingly used in the healthcare sector, especially in developing and managing medical devices. From health diagnostic devices to patient monitoring devices, AI systems are being integrated into various medical devices to enhance medical services and improve disease management. Nowadays, even various private companies are using AI-based medical systems in their healthcare CSR projects. AI-based medical devices are likely going to transform healthcare treatment for the better in the near future.