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Awareness Rehab has been successful in bringing people who used to be intoxicated to normal life for the past many years. When a person takes excessive intoxication and he becomes addicted to drugs. So he loses his physical and mental balance. Due to which he thinks of other types of intoxicants like drugs.

The trend of drinking alcohol has increased significantly in the last few years, you can guess it from the fact that according to the government data, the consumption of alcohol is increasing by 20-30 percent every year. It is not known when we get caught in the trap of alcohol. When drinking becomes a part of your daily routine, your activities throughout the day are determined by the timing of your drinking. There is no safe amount of alcohol to drink because if not today then tomorrow the quantity has to increase. If you feel irritable due to lack of alcohol, then it is a sign that you have alcohol dependence. This situation is the first step to the door of hell, so it is best to get rid of alcohol and intoxicants in time and get rid of drug addiction today. Awareness Rehab is the most trusted Nasha Mukti Kendra In Ghaziabad