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Why I Can't connect to the Internet with |

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Don’t worry, to resolve this problem you need to check your network and Internet connections.

See the following steps to know-how:
You need to verify that your WiFi-enabled computer or mobile device is connected to the Orbi network.
If you already are connected to Orbi but you cannot access the Internet, check to see if your Internet connection is working.
Open any web browser from a computer or WiFi device that is connected to the network.
Enter A login window opens.
Enter the Router admin username and password. The user name is admin. The default password is password. Use the user name and password are very important and case-sensitive. The BASIC Home page displays.
Click the ADVANCED tab. The ADVANCED Home page displays.
You need to check that an IP address is shown for the Internet port. If in case, it doesn’t show anything, your Orbi Router did not get an IP address from your ISP or Internet Service Provider. If your router cannot get an IP address from the Internet Company or ISP, you can force your cable or DSL modem to recognize your new router by restarting the modem and Orbi Router.
In case, your router is still not able to obtain an IP address from the ISP, the problem might be one of the following:
Your ISP might require a login program. You need to confirm with your ISP whether they require the PPP Connection method over the Ethernet (PPPoE) or some other type of login.
If in case, your ISP requires a login to get the Internet settings, the login username name and password might be not fill up correctly.
Your ISP needs to verify for the Computer’s IP hostname. You need to assign the computer hostname of your ISP User account settings as the account name that goes to the Internet Setup page.
Contact your ISP and inform them about a new network device and ask them to use the Router’s MAC address. – You need to configure your router to clone your computer’s MAC address.