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EdTech3135, Fall 2016

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Greetings EdTech Students! Welcome to 3135. It is going to be a great semester together. In preparation for our first week, please bookmark the following URL and add your thoughts to the course MindMap.

Dr. Ackermann

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My expectation for this class is to learn more about technology and various programs that I will be able to use in the future.

My expectation for my peers is that they complete their share of work.

My expectation for my instructor is to help answer any questions or clear any confusion I may have throughout the course.
5 years ago
I am unable to post to mind map. I will contribute to the conversation through the comments. My expectations of my peers is that my peers actively cooperate, and be respective to one another. My expectations of my instructor is that the instructor is fair and understanding. My expectation for the class content is that it teaches me new things about technology so I can sufficient in the workforce. I hope for a great semester!
5 years ago
Hello, I was unable to add to the map but I will contribute to it through the comments. My expectation for my peers would be that all students show respect and support for each other. My expectation for the instructor would be that the instructor responds to student's concerns. Lastly, my expectation for the class would be that both students and instructor maintain a healthy online environment for learning.
Steve Young
5 years ago
I can't figure it out either! You guys have no idea how happy I am to see I am not the only one!
Expectation for peers: I expect my peers to respect my time and be prompt with communications.
Expectation for class content: I expect the class content to be both innovative and relevant for me the classroom.
Expectation for Instructor: I expect my instructor to always be available for assistance and be sympathetic to my lack of technology skills!
5 years ago
Expectations for class content: further knowledge on different technology platforms to be used towards my classroom.
Expectations for peers: to be easily accessible for group activities and to stay on top of projects together.
Expectations for instructor: to be understanding if problems come up involving assignments that involve the new platforms we work with.
5 years ago
Hello everyone! I am also apart of the group of students who are unable to add any comments or suggestions to the map. It is unfortunate, but I am sure we can figure it out together!

Just so that you all see I am participating -

Expectations for Class Content: I would love to learn how to make comments on mind42. Also, I hope that this class furthers my technological skills. Technology is becoming a huge part of education and I want to use it in my classroom in the future.

Expectations for Peers: I would appreciate thoughtful feedback on any discussions, assignments, etc. because I have never had an online class and I feel that will make it more beneficial!

Exceptions for the Instructor: I would expect the instructor to provide clear expectations and due dates for all assignments along with an occasional funny meme (because who doesn’t love funny memes?)!
5 years ago
I have was unsuccessful as well in adding comments to the map itself, but:
Expectation for the class: I expect to learn new technology for the classroom and in general.
Expectation for the instructor: I expect Dr. Ackermann to thorough in her teachings and responsive to questions and problems.
Expectation for my peers: I expect my peers to be friendly, team players and opened minded.
5 years ago
Expectation for the class: To prepare me for using technology in many ways when I have my own classroom.
Expectation for the instructor: To be easy to contact about questions and concerns students may have.
Expectation for peers: To respect everyone's opinions!
5 years ago
Expectations for class: To help me navigate Technology for use in my future classroom.
Expectations for instructor: To explain things in great detail.
Expectations for peers: To be open to the technology we will be learning in this class.
5 years ago
Expectations for class: to learn about technology that I can use to help improve my teaching methods.
Expectations for peers: I expect my peers to be open minded to other's opinions.
Expectations for instructor: open communication, clear deadlines, quality feedback
5 years ago
Expectations for class: Learn about the different options of technology that I can utilize in my class when I am a teacher to keep it up to date and up to speed.

Expectations for peers: Be respectful of one another.

Expectations for professor: Be relatively quick in responding to emails. I would prefer a 48 hour window.
5 years ago
Expectations for the content- That it helps me to become more experienced and competent technologically.

Expectation for peers- To do their part in group projects and discussions.

Expectation for instructor- To be available for help as needed, which seems as though she will be!
5 years ago
Expectations for peers: Respect group projects and their deadlines, and take all projects seriously and handle assignments professionally.
Expectations for instructor: Have the ability to give constructive criticism for students to improve and build upon.
Expectations for class: Teach a general ability utilize technology, and create a modern and effective classroom environment.

NOTE: I also have the same problem where I can only comment or like the mind map, not add a new thread. When I click the branches of the mind map, nothing happens.
5 years ago
Expectations for the class content-to open up new doors in the technology world in education
Expectations for my peers-to respect any group projects that may be done, and to do their part on time and well done
Expectations for my instructor-to reply to students when they send an email
5 years ago
I had trouble adding, but here are my expextations-

Respect amongst peers
Class engages relevant information
Instructor is readily available
5 years ago
I am having that same issue with not being able to edit any of the tabs. - Taylor Karl
5 years ago
I am also having the same problem as Kirsten. I am able to view and am signed in, however, I cannot edit or click on the headings to add my comments to the map.
5 years ago
I am unable to edit or add my comment on the map. Please help!
Kirsten Utz
5 years ago