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Books Around Discworld

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Books around Discworld


Screenplays and Stage Adaptations updated. A have added missing Plays and move them to new branch. Hope all of them are there.

@DiscworldArchive, you have written something about Discworld & Discworld II Walkthrough Guides - are they "stand alone" books with some ISBN? I cannot localize them.
4 years ago
Hi qbajak,
6 PAGE FORWARD against 10 page introduction by D.Langford
new content extra chapters etc.
seems to be the difference.
4 years ago
Hi Dug. Added. I wonder what is the difference between those two editions? I have the 2nd one, and I have verified that in Primary Bibliography there are books up to 2004. But are there any differences in text beetween them?
4 years ago
Missing: The 1st edition of Guilty of Literature published by the science fiction foundation ISBN 0-903007-01-0 (yellow cover with Josh Kirby's Terry Pratchett face.
4 years ago
Thanks! 2 calendars added. The same for Folklore of Discworld and Science of The Discworld - Here I have also added Tesco edition of Judgement Day with an extra chapter.

Both GRUPS added but have a question here. I have found information like:
1) GURPS Discworld (1998)
2) Discworld Role-Playing Game (2002)
is there any difference between them or these are the same?

Rest (that are Plays, ScreenPlays and Walkthtoughs) I will try to add next days.
4 years ago
2 Calendars you are missing .. the 2000 Mini Calendar and the DaytoDay calendar also from 2000
There are 2 revised editions of The Folklore of Discworld (one states new material up to Unseen Academicals on the cover .. the other statesnew material up to raising steam on the cover) ... Science of the Discworld 1 paperback edition had 2 extra chapters thus making it different again from the original ... The Discworld Companion also an updated version of the original published... You also Miss out Both GURPS books... All The screenplays ... and all the plays... also the Walkthrough Guides for both Discworld and Discworld II ... I think thats it...
4 years ago
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