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Life Coach

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Life coaching has the power to change peoples lives in so many ways. I support individuals and professionals with their goals in life including their career, health, business, relationships, and more. My objective is to help people create the success they seek by motivating them to accomplish the tasks necessary to move their life forward. what he doesn't know is you can not reason out the meaning of life with your finite fleshly mind, we are too powerless stacked against the infinite Creator's wisdom, we are here for the glory of the God. In the last ten years I have been helping people fulfill their dreams and purpose as a life coach. One of the things I truly enjoy as I travel the world in guiding individuals to find their passion, develop good habits, achieve their goals, and become healthier both mentally and spiritually. Love is the greatest power! I wish everyone love and light. Feed your mind with listening to wise and successful people and stop intoxicating your life with news and tv and negative people live positive live great.

Recently I have been contemplating the meaning of life as well as life after death. Because of my role as a life coach, I am consistently having deep philosophical conversations. It is not immortality that bothers me, It is the unfair casualty of injustice, life has no boundaries. millions of beings brought to life only to suffer, never have given the chance to know what being happy meant... one day we will discover the secrets of life and rewrite life as we know it, but until then be happy and and remember that your legacy will carry on your genes for there will be only a few left. his world is very complete, full of energy, in-explainable mystery. But every moment, we touch a note on this orgasm music, is another galaxy it's a great mystery. We only look and the then first say I'm angry, and he jumps, another looks and say i wanna jump in, and jumps, and some wait for a better day, and lives that way, but like the sunshine and health and good thoughts or whatever some makes it, and everything at start and finish is the cosmos.

When I decided to start all over again, I had to schedule the most minimal, basic tasks. Then I questioned it, asking myself doubtfully "Hey, do I really need that? It's ridiculous, everybody else seems to get by without that!" Learning that these high profile people work exactly the same way was a real eye-opener. It's better to plan your to-do list the night before, perhaps before bedtime when your mind is clear. Since you're busy the next morning and still groggy from waking up

I've always maintained good habits going to my gym, regular like clockwork for many years. Training times vary though, but I am consistent in that respect. As for my Art, I'm deeply committed, but lack a lot of self belief in myself sometimes, but not always, witnessing on occasions tiny miracles in confidence, ignited by a single spark. You could say these are light bulb moments of inspiration when the mind believes at that moment limitations exist only in illusionary worlds, not reality and the real world we live in. Whenever I feel I'm losing belief in myself, that's when I try to whenever possible counter balance the negative trains of thought with positive affirmations, on a daily basis, but the road is a constant struggle in both directions, suffering from the darkest depressions at times, often coming like a bolt out of the blue. But my faith keeps me in step. Always remember, everyone's life is different, what works for one, doesn't necessarily work for another. Pointing out also, no one can really advise you about whats best for you really, when they don't know you at all. Only your closest and dearest can do that. And when you listen to yourself, truly, by blocking out distractions, is the moment you discover your truths, what you're capable of in terms of potential. But just because you can, doesn't necessarily mean you will, if you don't follow 'consistent' good habits. Easier said then done. Never try to fully advise someone what to do, until you've walked in their shoes. Telling people to form good habits, be disciplined are all well and good..... but when your specific about it, telling someone this is how and why, that's where I think the magic begins. That's where action can be taken if that person truly wants to change, and being now armed with both instruments and instructions to change and form habits, the rest is results. Which is why its important to get help from a life coach.