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First résumé and bug fixes

Oct. 25th 2012 | by Stefan Schuster

The new version of Mind42 is now already released for nearly a week. So it's time for a first résumé of what worked, and what didn't.

We got a tremendous amount of feedback concerning every possible aspect of the redesign. Some people love the new design, some are still skeptical, and some unfortunately ran into the inevitable (and therefore expected) bugs. But overall we are happy about the performance of the new software - our servers run along smoothly.

So what are we working on now? First of all we started fixing the most important errors. Among other smaller issues we fixed some errors regarding mind map exports, loading certain mind maps, jumping mind maps when centering large mind maps, voice input for Chrome, account activation and MindManager export for Windows. So all users who where skeptical of the new version because of these or similar errors: Don't worry, we are working on them. The next steps will be to address problems with Opera, add more keyboard shortcuts for features that no longer have a separate button, HTTPS login, printing color schemes, font colors, image zoom and much more.

Also, although we are busy addressing all this issues we really want to replace this static page with a proper blog to make feedback even easier. For now we can again just refer to our contact form. So if you find some problems with the new version of Mind42, please let us know. We'll take care of them so that Mind42 makes everybody as happy as the old version again.