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Blog archive

The blog section of Mind42 was intended to regularly post updates and news about Mind42. Since there is currently no active development of the current version the active "blog" with user comments and RSS feed and so on was stopped. Below you'll find an archive of all published articles.

Regarding the current state of Mind42 at the time of writing this lines in May of 2019: As mentioned above no active development of new features is planned for the current version. The servers are still regularly maintained and Mind42 will stay online as it is. But because of time restrictions caused by my regular job and technical advancements, in my eyes it makes no sense to add new features to the current version.

The current version of Mind42 (which actually is already the second version) was created in 2012. Back then smartphones and tablets haven't been powerful enough for web apps like Mind42, so the UI design e.g. is really not made for touch. Today I would probably start with mobile usage first in mind (since I don't have the resources for native apps). Also the used JavaScript techniques are out of date. Back then the used CoffeeScript made sense - nowadays it's no longer needed in the age of ES6 or even Typescript. The same goes for the used server tech. So for me personally I'd like to create a version 3. But only time can tell when I'll find the time to create it... Thanks for your understanding!

Update 2022:
The gallery part of the homepage has been disabled. When developing this feature I imagined the full set of "social" features for mind maps. Like a Youtube for mind maps, including likes, comments, related documents, tags, ...
In reality this feature never took off, but at the same time caused a lot of problems. Spam, like mind maps only containing links to escort services, advertising strikes because of inappropriate content (e.g. the before mentioned escort services) and legal threats regarding copyright issues. As written above I still would like to do a V3 - but if so I would really focus on the productivity part. I wouldn't bother trying to be a content "platform" in this time and age. That said - all the functionality of the current Mind42 is still available. Sign up, edit mind maps, share them by link. So you can still share content with Mind42 - only the public overview was removed.

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