May. 4th 2015 | by Stefan Schuster

A while back I've announced the (beta) availability of an API for Mind42, and today I'm proud to present you a first result of this effort: NeuronalMind42. It's an Android app for Mind42 created by the guys from NeuronalMotion. So for the first time in the history of Mind42 you have the possibility to view and edit your mind maps natively on mobile devices.

This has been in the making for quite some time, and I want to thank Guillaume and Robin from NeuronalMotion for making this possible. Go to the Play Store and give it a try - I'm sure they will be happy for every feedback they receive. It's not "feature complete" yet - for example the management of collaborations is not integrated yet - but these are all things to come.

Happy mind mapping!



Jun. 20th 2015

At last! Thanks a lot!!!


Jul. 31st 2015


Im waiting for IOS version.
When Im gooing to check that?


Aug. 3rd 2015

Brilliant! Many thanks guys.


Oct. 16th 2015

Thank you very much!!! This is the best news today!

Alexey Vasilev

Jun. 25th 2016

Hello guys! When you will release update for your application (android)? Nowadays, there are no "Note" and "Todos"(


May. 21st 2017

This is great!


Jul. 21st 2017


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