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The forum we previously had on Mind42 was replaced with this FAQ. Questions that are asked repeatedly via e-mail will be added over time.

Are mind maps public / visible to everybody?

By default: No.

When you sign up for Mind42 and create a new document it will be only accessible and visible to your account when signed in. To share it with others you either have to start a "collaboration" (inviting other users with their accounts - only when signed in with their accounts they can access it) or "publish" the map. Published maps are accessible for everybody to look at (but not change) who know the link. Optionally you can also list it in the homepage index of Mind42. All the maps you see on the home page of Mind42 have been published like this.

Can I get a copy of a mind map I found?


When you find a published mind map you can't get a copy or export/print it - just look at it. These maps got published using the "publish" mechanism described above. Problem is, we've never explicitly asked our users within these dialogs whether they want to "give away" their content and allow others to copy it. So it's not allowed.

Is there an Android or iPhone app?

Not really

Mind42 itself (as a project) doesn't have the resources to create apps for mobile devices. Only the web version is provided. An API was created in the hope that others might create apps. One was created (NeuronalMind42) but also hasn't been updated since 2015. Also since I don't have an Android device I don't know how usable this app is. No guarantees...

Does Mind42 work on mobile devices?

Not really

As described at the top of our blog archive, Mind42 was not developed with any kind of touch devices in Mind42. On tablets (with a large enough screen) it might partially work. But especially on smaller phone screens the UI will probably be pretty unusable. There are no plans to change this. No more development time will be put in the current version of Mind42 - only maintenance. So until a completely new version of Mind42 is developed mobile support unfortunately won't improve.

How to print a mind map?

Use the export feature of Mind42 to export a PDF. Then print the PDF.

Can I copy a mind map?

Yes, using a work-around. There is no button to copy a map, but to create a copy in your own account, or give a copy to another person you can do the following: Export the mind map using the Mind42 format and then import it again. This will yield a perfect copy.

Can I connect two different nodes / parts of the mind map?


The layout engine of Mind42 neither support free positioning of nodes, nor free floating connections between nodes. The layout is strictly hierarchical and layout and lines are drawn automatically. This won't change in the current version of Mind42 (see blog for development plans).

Can I add a second node / main topic?


As described above the layout engine of Mind42 doesn't support any such additional features.

Can I force nodes to be on the left or right?

Using a trick - kind of yes. As described above the layout engine is limited. All nodes from the main topic (center node) will be equally distributed to the left and right. You can therefore help yourself by putting exactly two nodes to the main topic. One will be to the left, one to the right. Then build your map from these left and right starting points and these parts will always stay on their side.

Can I add another symbol? / I need another symbol!

Emojis to the rescue. Since emojis became mainstream since the development of Mind42 and most operating systems feature separate emoji keyboards you can simply insert any emoji symbol you want!

How to add an image? How to use an image from my computer? Can I upload an image?

Mind42 only supports adding images that are accessible via a public accessible HTTP address. This can be tricky sometimes.

Hosting file uploads can be expensive, and to implement it with good performance and security can be tricky. So Mind42 doesn't offer the feature to directly upload images from your computer that you want to add. You have to somehow get an URL for the image you want to add.
Also: this URL can't be to a "homepage" showing the image (like Google Drive an Dropbox offer for their shared files), but it has to be a link directly to the image. When you have a link that shows anything else (ANY thing like a frame, or text or anything), chances are it wont work.
Unfortunately event the last online file upload service I knew removed the feature to receive a direct URL that could be used for Mind42. If you know a service - please let me know!