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Ad-Free account availability

Feb. 12th 2015 | by Stefan Schuster

As some of your might have noticed, it wasn't possible to upgrade to an ad-free account on Mind42 since the beginning of 2015. Good news for all who are interested in this: It's now possible again.

The problem why we removed this option in the first place, was a change in European tax law for digital goods. The change would have us required to charge the tax of the country the buyer resides in, instead of the country Mind42 operates in. The collected tax would then be distributed to the according countries (keyword MOSS). All very complicated. So we took down our simple Paypal based solution, and switched to a reseller, which handles the complete billing (including taxes) for us. With the added bonus of additional payment methods.

And as always: Since the whole integration of this new reseller is all pretty new, there might still be problems. If you run into anything, don't hesitate to contact us.