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Search within mind maps

Feb. 23rd 2015 | by Stefan Schuster

Finally a feature that has repeatedly been requested by our users is available. Search within mind maps. The regular "Find in page" feature of modern browsers has always been able to highlight matches within the currently visible area of the mind map. But since the browser didn't know about the way Mind42 shows the mind map, and about the data structure of the mind map, this was very limited. Our own implementation now should solve those issues. It expands the branches which contain a match, and scrolls the matched node into view.

As with every brand new feature, feedback is very welcome. This first implementation is only available within the mind map editor (and not in published mind maps at the moment). Also it highlights the whole matched node, and not only the matched search term - so we know there is some room for polishing there. But hopefully this will help some of our users to navigate their bigger maps more easily.