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Welcome to Mind42 v2.0

Oct. 19th 2012 | by Stefan Schuster

It's finally done. What you are seeing right now is the new Mind42 v2.0. It's completely rebuilt from the ground up, and for us it's an historic milestone that will bring Mind42 to the next level. Not only is it built on more modern technology that clears the way for future developments, but also it's a massive improvement from a usability point of view. The application has been redesigned to be simpler, cleaner, with a modern look to be easier to use.

As with every undertaking like this, of course it wont be flawless. We are perfectly aware that there will be bugs and misbehaviour that will only show up over time as people actually use the new software. So please forgive us if it takes some time until it runs as smooth as the old and matured version did. While this might sounds like a bad idea, to replace something that is matured and battle field tested: Believe us, it's well worth the troubles

But we aren't really finished yet! Simple example: This "blog". Well, it's not really a blog yet, and that's the point. This is just a static news page and will be replaced by a real blog very soon. Than it will also be possible to leave your comments here, just as in every other blog. But this was only one example. There are many more hard edges that we'll smooth out in the coming weeks.

To finish this article: I really hope that you like the new Mind42. We've put a lot of effort into making everything better, easier to use with a modern look and feel. We are really excited and would love to hear what you think about it. Since this blog has no comments yet, please use our contact form to let us know what you think, as well as about any bugs you find.