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Jun. 12th 2013 | by Stefan Schuster

I wanted to give you a little update as to what keeps us busy following our last big release 2 weeks ago. First of all, we are pretty happy about how things worked out. No major issues showed up, but we have been working on the infrastructure ever since - more on this later.

The feedback we received about our new public mind map gallery was quite good. Of course, this new aspect of Mind42 will take some time to get fitted, so there are not a lot of tags, likes and comments available just yet. Among other things, this was also the reason we introduced editorial picks for the first page of the popular mind maps: Until the algorithm which calculates the popularity gets fed with more likes and comments we just wanted to point out some of the most interesting public mind maps on Mind42. You can recognize editorial picks by their orange corner.

But back to the before-mentioned infrastructure tweaks: Generally, we are preparing a high availability setup in the background, and this lead to one or two hick-ups (e.g. see here). The new gallery is also putting a different kind of load on our servers we are constantly adapting to. Therefore, we already updated our software three times in the background to optimize things.

As you see, there's a lot going on, even if it's not visible on the outside, as we are trying to do as much in the background as possible. Next on our list: Continue work on the high availability setup and quality assurance.