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Mind42 improvements from Oct. 14th

Oct. 14th 2013 | by Stefan Schuster

Today we released a new version of Mind42 which introduces some smaller but quite interesting new features and improvements. All of them have previously been requested by users, and I'm happy to finally fulfill these wishes. Here are the details:

  • Copy/Paste working across mind maps: Since the release of Mind42 v2.0 (which was released about a year ago) copy/paste was kind of broken. It only worked within one mind map, and it was not possible to copy/paste branches from one window or map to another. This is now possible.
  • OPML import and export: OPML is an elegantly simple file format that was kind of predetermined to be used for mind mapping. It's mainly used for outlining applications, and with Mind42's new support to import and export this file format you can now exchange data with this kind of applications seamlessly (e.g. with OmniOutliner for Mac).
  • More keyboard shortcuts: Multiple new shortcuts have been introduced. You can now scroll the map using the mouse wheel. It's now possible to zoom the mind map using the +/- keys. CTRL/CMD-UP/DOWN will now move the selected node above/below its siblings. And while having a node selected, the number keys 1-6 will open the property editors (1 being the topmost note editor, 2 the todo editor and so on). For the full list have a look at our guide
  • Image zoom mode: There was a similar feature available pre Mind42 v2.0, and I hope this new implementation will make all users happy who wished back for something like this. Every image in Mind42 that's displayed smaller than it's real size has a new magnifying button to it's bottom right which shows a bigger version of the image.
  • Various small improvements: Adding a sibling will now add it directly below the current sibling, not at the last sibling of the branch. Improved RTF export. Various input fields (like link or image URL) are now selected by default when opening the corresponding property editors.
  • Various small bugfixes: Multiple spaces in notes will no longer disappear when reopening the mind map. Editing the text of an image node works again now.

As always, if you find any bugs, don't hesitate to let us know.