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Extended Downtime starting Aug. 2nd - 10am UTC

Jul. 29th 2014 | by Stefan Schuster

You may remember our extended downtime from Feb. 22nd, were we wanted to migrate to a new database. Back then there had been some problems, and in the end we had to revert the change. It's time to give it a second try!

Starting next Saturday at 10pm UTC, Mind42 will again be down for an extended maintenance period of at least 24 hours. During this time we'll move Mind42 to new servers, and give the database migration a second chance. The problems with the new database last time have been caused by a lack of disk speed causing an overload within the shared virtualized infrastructure. We are positive that it will work this time, since we got new servers with dedicated SSD drives just for the database. In the worst case, Mind42 will still move to the new servers, but stick with the old database system. In any case: Mind42 will be reachable again Sunday afternoon.

We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but for our goal to make Mind42 more robust against failures, these downtimes are sometimes necessary. So thank you for your understanding.