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The new Mind42 forum

Feb. 12th 2013 | by Stefan Schuster

Today we are excited to announce the availability of our new Mind42 forum. We really hope that this will make our future communication to users about features, bugs, and everything else related to Mind42 much more transparent. But let's start with some background:

For Spaaze (our other project) we tried to use GetSatisfaction. While it's very easy to integrate and users really like to submit their problems and ideas there, it really was kind of cluttered and it was hard to find things in there. So for Mind42 we decided to use a classical forum.

Until now, users only had the option to email us (using the contact form). Other users never saw which features already had been requested, and how we already responded to other users. It was in-transparent one to one communication. We hope that this forum spurs a new kind of communication within Mind42, where users discuss with each other, and everybody sees what we have to say about certain bug reports and feature requests.

In case this experiment works out well, we can of course add more discussion boards as needed and promote active users to moderators and so on - therefore we are really excited about how this will develop. So take a look at our new forum, and tell us what you think.