E-Mails not working

Nov. 24th 2017 | by Stefan Schuster

Unfortunately non of our e-mails are currently delivered. This is due to a "spam attack" which got our e-mail service suspended.

It'll take some time to find out what exactly happened (some kind of abuse of the collaboration invite emails), so for the next two days or so, none of the emails (sign up confirmation, invite, support form) will be delivered. I'll try to find an alternative service for the signup emails quicker though... Until then, please contact me directly at info@mind42.com to get your account activated.



Nov. 26th 2017

Thanks for the updates :), I'm pleasantly surprised that minkd42 is still maintained despite Spaaze going away soon.

Stefan Schuster

Nov. 27th 2017

And as a small update - emails should work again for now. Still not happy with the situation, but at least it should work again.


Feb. 9th 2018

good zenks

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