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Public mind maps reinvented

May. 27th 2013 | by Stefan Schuster

After the successful deployment of yesterdays update we are now happy to show you what we've worked on during the last weeks. Welcome to Mind42's new public mind map experience.

To make it short, we've put the mind maps in the center of the homepage. The first thing every new user who isn't signed in will see, are the most popular public mind maps Mind42 has to offer. We've completely rebuilt our public map gallery, which now features a real full text search, tags, likes and comments on public mind maps and a list of related mind maps. We've been honestly surprised about the treasures that where buried in our database. We had public mind maps from day 1, but until now it wasn't really possible to find and browse these maps in a comfortable way.

Besides improving the accessibility of the public maps, the second big thing in our opinion is the addition of mind map comments. With mind map comments (and likes) it's now finally possible for viewers of public maps, to communicate their opinion to the mind map owner. This kind of feedback channel simply didn't exist before on Mind42.

And finally we've also put the mind maps into the center for signed in users. The first thing every signed in user will see when opening Mind42 is a list of his or her mind maps. It's no longer necessary to open the mind map editor. The new map list also implements a feature that was long wished for. Users who have a lot of mind maps always asked for an additional way to organize their maps. With the introduction of "groups" this is now possible. Simply create groups of mind maps, like "Personal", "Business", "School", "Project", and group your mind maps logically together.

As with every big update, bugs can happen. We already fixed two of them during the last 24 hours, but maybe some more will show up over time. We'd be happy if you could report them to us using the contact form at the bottom of each page.

We really hope you like the new features, which make publishing your mind maps more interesting than ever before, so that Mind42 becomes an active mind mapping community.