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Second round of bug fixes

Nov. 6th 2012 | by Stefan Schuster

While not technically correct (because there have been small bug fixes releases in between), here is the second round up of bug fixes for the new Mind42.

Things are getting back to normal now. With the various feedback, the most critical error scenarios have been identified (some very tricky) and been addressed last week or with this update now. Our todo list is still huge though, and we'll continue to improve and fix all the different problems, so that in the end the new Mind42 will even run more smoothly than the old version.

So what has changed? One very tricky issue: Mind42 didn't react on clicks or mouse movements for some users. The reason? These users had a touch screen notebook and Mind42 only reacted to touch events, not mouse events. That the new Mind42 also works with touch is one of the bigger improvements as this makes it usable on tablets, but this was an unforeseen consequence. We also changed the background color of the root nodes in exports (JPEG, PNG, PDF) to only have a blue border, not a blue background. This is because some users reported bad readability of the root node when printing maps in black and white only. Another unforeseen consequence.

But the biggest point we addressed is the "session lost" error some of you experienced. Some users who had a slow connection to our servers in Germany reported that Mind42 repeatedly lost their session and forced them to reload the map. This of course is annoying, but actually is a safety measure to avoid data loss by not realizing that there is a problem. We hopefully found a better solution for this now, so all users who were affected by this before: keep an eye on whether this still happens or not, and report back if you still have problems.