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HTTPS login

Dec. 6th 2012 | by Stefan Schuster

We just deployed the next update for Mind42. Starting today, all pages where account data is entered (sign up, sign in, settings) are secured with HTTPS. This is something we wanted to introduce a long time ago, and in the meantime even thought about it as possible premium feature for paying users. Now it's finally done, free of charge for everyone.

This highly increases the security of Mind42, since it means that every time a username and password are transmitted, they will be encrypted. But Mind42 is still no high security application - all the regular mind maps are still using HTTP. In this case, the problem with using HTTPS is that the browser would complain about "insecure elements" on the website. For example, this can be caused by every non HTTPS image that users include in their mind maps. So we're not sure yet how to proceed in this matter.

Another small thing todays' release added is the possibility to remove shared mind maps from your map list. If you got invited to a mind map, you as collaborator had no chance to remove the mind map from your personal mind map list. This was possible with the old version of Mind42 and we simply forgot to add it in the new one. This is now fixed as well.

That's all for this week, but if everything goes as planned, there will be one more update before christmas. Stay tuned and have a nice pre-Christmas time.