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Happy Holidays

Dec. 20th 2013 | by Stefan Schuster

The year is coming to its end, and so we wanted to take the time for a small recap. First of all, thank you all for a great 2013!

Going forward with Mind42 this year was a lot of fun. We introduced our new forum (which slowly grows into a great collection of all kinds of useful tips for Mind42), completely redesigned the public mind map experience and started the beta of our API, which hopefully will yield some exciting new apps next year. Of course there also have been some challenges to overcome this year, but based on the late 2012 relaunch we had a solid base to build on this year. And there is a lot more to come.

One of the first things we'll do next year is to take the last steps in switching to a high availability setup - so a failure of one disk won't be able to bring down Mind42, as unfortunately happened twice this year. This, and the API, both cost us a lot of time this year, with no immediately visible improvements for the user. That maybe was unfortunate planning, but we promise to add some new user features next year.

So, thanks for being a loyal user of Mind42, thanks for maybe even subscribing to an ad-free Mind42 account, and: Happy Holidays!