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Scheduled Downtime: Oct. 6th - 8am UTC

Sep. 30th 2013 | by Stefan Schuster

As the title already says, Mind42 won't be available next Sunday starting from 8am UTC. Mind42 will be down for about two hours, although we'll obviously try to be faster than that. This maintenance, which requires the downtime, has been scheduled on Sunday which is usually the day of the week with the lowest number of users.

So much for the hard facts, now some additional background information: In our last blog post we mentioned our focus on quality assurance and high availability during the summer. We made progress in both areas, but haven't finished these efforts yet. So one of the reasons of this downtime is continuing work on preparations for high availability server setup stuff. The second more interesting thing though is a public API we've been working on. After the maintenance is completed, I'll be able to post more details, but basically our preparation to offer a public API also affects Mind42 internal stuff, which requires the downtime.

So please don't use Mind42 on Sunday 8am UTC, and be prepared for some exciting API news!