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Internal working of C programming language - Behind the scenes

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Internal working of C programming language - Behind the scenes

Before diving into the discussion of the Internal working of the C, first, we need to understand what is programming language?

In simple words, the programming language is a medium of communication between a user and machine.
And C is a high-level programming language. As we know that machines only understand machine language then how will the machine understand any other language(like C, Java or Python, etc.)?

Suppose there are two people and one of them knows only Hindi and the other one only knows French. The problem here is if the first person wants to communicate with the other how he/she will communicate or vice-versa. They need a translator who can understand both the languages and convert one’s native language to the other’s native language.

In computing, the compiler works as a translator which translates/converts the high-level language to machine language (binary number system either 0 or 1). Read more.