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Complete plan & Journey for potential App user

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Mobile Apps do offer multiple benefits for your business, but essentially can help you build stronger relationship with your customers. Here are the main benefits: a) Visibility b) Reach c) Speed d) Profitability e) Engagement/Communication. Drawing a complete and effective customer journey experience mapping is the first strategic step - it must be deeply rooted in your user/audience research. This mapping will allow to see and capture the complete experience that a user/person might have with your product or service. You need and must document the full experience from the customer’s perspective to the initial product design.

Ex: What they’re thinking before using/buying it? How they are doing? How they feel about it? Why and When they will try it, etc.
We always use emotional/experience maps to help us understand the end-to-end experience a customer has with the brand.
To make it perfect add headers 1-7 on top then you can had below left hand-side the rows "Their Thinking" "Action" and below Present and future interaction.
Note: You can (free) download our mobile content strategy pdf document.