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Data Science - Extract data from insight | Codiens

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Before diving into data science, we first understand what is data?

Data is some sort of information. It can be a person’s name, videos, audios, images, and even web records and social networking logs are data.

Now the question arises how to handle these data?
Okay, let’s make it clearer with the help of real-life examples of Data Science... Have you ever heard of Uber?
Yes, you are going right. That cab service provider ... Uber. I am sure many of you have used Uber. It seems very simple to book an Uber…
You just have to press a button, set the location, request a vehicle then go for a ride and pay with a click.
But a lot is going behind all this.
Have you ever thought about what makes Uber a multi-billion dollar worth company? And Whether it is the availability of cabs or their services? Read more.