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What is Erectile dysfunction? How can it be cured?

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Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to getting or keeping an erection enough for intercourse. Many people experience difficulty talking with their doctors about sex. It is very common in older adults. But if you're suffering from erectile dysfunction you should go for a qualified sexologist doctor. There are many reasons behind erectile dysfunction cause, common cause includes Diabetes, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression, High blood pressure, consuming too much alcohol, cardiovascular disease. Erectile dysfunction is caused only by these factors. When conversing with a sexologist therapist, to be honest with regards to your manifestations as possible. Tell your physician how regularly you have symptoms and How long have you seen them? Some precautions of erectile dysfunction particular measures can help with you lower down your danger of erectile dysfunction like Eat a healthy diet, Stop smoking, exercise daily, maintaining normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels, Avoid consumption of alcohol etc.