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EdTech 3135, Spring 2017

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Kerrisha Martin
I am having the same issues.
Course: To give me a different perspective on technology in the classroom.
Peers: To participate fully in group projects.
Teacher: To provide extra opportunities for missed or failed assignments.
Course Mentor: To be available when needed.
5 years ago
I cannot click and add directly to the map for whatever reason. To solve this issue for now I will just list my expectations here in this comment.

For the Course: I want and expect to learn about new technologies that can be integrated into my future classroom and ways to aid my students through technology as well.

For my Peers: Provide constructive feedback on assignments and postings when and where applicable and to be respectful of one another. We are not all going to agree on everything and that is fine but we should all respect one another enough to hear someone's thoughts and opinions.

For my Teacher: Timely responses to emails and help with troubleshooting issues like this mind map issue! Still cannot figure it out! GAH! ^_^

For the Course Mentor: Help with time management tips and suggestions for things like projects or possibly feedback on an assignment if needed, I like to have people look over my work from time to time before I submit things.
5 years ago
I also cannot add anything to this.

For My Peers: To be helpful and doing their part when it comes to partner/group work.

For My Teacher: For there to be good communication when there is something that I do not understand.

For My Course: To help me learn about different technologies that I am not familiar with.
5 years ago
I am also unable to add onto the Mind Map, don't know if I am clicking on the titles wrong or just on the wrong thing in general. My add on's or as follows:

For My Peers:
To be active within this course as well as understanding, especially when it comes to our group projects and working with everyone's availability. Also to provide helpful / engaging responses back.

Expectations for my teacher:
To be able to communicate with us and answer our comments, questions, and/or concerns, in a timely manner. To also let us know how we are doing in the class with feedback and how we might be able to improve or use something in our own classrooms one day

Course Mentor:
To provide help and suggestions when we need it as well as keep sending out the newsletters. Providing things as well as like time management tips or organization tips would be great as well.
5 years ago
Sorry I can't edit it either.
Expectation for the class: Hope to learn useful and easy-operated teaching technologies to facilitate my teaching and students' understanding of knowledge.

Expectations for the instructor: Give clear instruction on the assignments, talk clearly in the lectures(I am a international student, thank you!), and easily accessible to students.

Expectations for my peers: willing to help each other when coming across problems, respect for everyone's work and opinion, and actively collaborate with members in a group.
5 years ago
Peers: To respond to myself and other classmates in a respectful and meaningful way.
Course: To provide meaningful concepts and activities that I can use in my future classroom.
Teacher: To be responsive and helpful when I do ask questions and ask for feedback and also when I don't.
5 years ago
Peers: I expect my peers to be respectful of one another. I also expect my classmates to put forth their best effort while participating in group work.
Teacher: I expect the teacher to respond to students questions regarding important class work in a timely manner. Also have an understanding that all students may not have a clear understanding of some of the work.
OCM: I expect the OCM to pick up where the teacher cannot and assist students who may not understand everything.
Class: I expect the class to add valuable information to my knowledge so I will be able to apply it to my teaching.
5 years ago
I am unable to add comments, but I skimmed through a couple of the related mind maps, most likely from other semesters and it appears as though this is a common issue over the years. Seeing as the older mind maps have content on them, I assume the issue clears up at some point during the semester, or all the data compiled from the comments gets added to the mind map by the instructor.

If this last option is the case, here are my expectations:
Course: To successfully introduce new technology into classroom unit plans that will adhere to the current Missouri Standards.
Peers: Maintain a high level of activity and discourse.
Mentor: Exercise patience with my level of technological competence.
Instructor: To keep all MyGateway links, videos, and applications up-to-date so that technological mishaps due to third party software issues are not commonplace.
5 years ago
For the course: Learn new and creative ways to integrate technology into my future classroom assignments.

For my peers: Timely, thoughtful and challenging suggestions for my work and comments.

Expectations for my Teacher: Timely responses to emails and expert troubleshooting skills.

Course Mentor: Provide us with excellent time management tips and helpful suggestions when needed.
5 years ago
Yes, I am also having the same issue. Unable to add anything at all.

5 years ago
I keep pressing the titles and I am unable to add anything. Does anyone else have that issue or have a way to fix it before I post my comments under here?
5 years ago