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Addiction is a psychological and natural condition in which a person continues to seek happiness through action, without worrying about the environment including family, friends, place etc. Addiction becomes dangerous when its compulsion begins to harm the person and people and the environment around. Such behavior is particularly acute on the part of the addict. Usually, various Nasha Mukti Kendras advertise her services for this reason, but in reality, not many can understand it.

Our range of services

The Jeevandaan Foundation Center in Punjab, we see all the things that can breed and cause addiction to the individual. Keeping this in mind we have made a variety of resources, some of which can be briefly considered:

Alcohol Treatment: Alcohol abuse is a major problem in our society. It harms a person physically and mentally. Jeevandaan Foundation with its comprehensive treatment, skilled and trained staff, and a home-like atmosphere have proven to be one of the best alcohol Rehabilitation Centre In Punjab.

Drug Abuse: The threat of substance abuse can have a devastating effect on health (mental and physical), work relationships and learning. Such risks are successfully implemented through dedication, training and an integrated approach by our expert team at the Drug Treatment Center in Punjab.

Psychological Counseling: Psychological counseling forms an integral part of all forms of addiction treatment. Our team of addiction specialists looks at the following practice in our counseling centers: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, cocaine abuse etc.

Rehabilitation Center: Jeevandaan Rehabilitation Center is one of the most popular Rehabilitation centers in Ludhiana due to the following features:

Individual Treatment

Systematic Method

Quality Care

Detoxification Treatment: Detoxification is the medical or physical withdrawal of a drug and other toxic substances from the human body, which is mainly caused by the liver. It is the most basic procedure that needs to be approved before starting any type of recovery process. We at Jeevandaan have highly experienced professionals, who can effectively manage all types of addictions.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment: A key feature of our Cocaine Addiction Treatment is a 12-step program, which has made us one of the leading cocaine addicts in India and neighboring countries.