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You may have noticed that Mind42 saves your work fully automatically. Whenever you make a change it's sent to the server and saved. Wouldn't it be interesting to look back and see how your mind map looked like 3 months ago?

Everytime Mind42 receives a change a so called revision is created. A revision is a version of your map at a specific point in time. So we don't only save the newest version of your mind map, but we save the whole history of how your mind map developed over time.

As you can imagine, this would be a lot of data, if we saved a revision for every single change you made. So we don't keep every revision of your mind map. But we keep one for every 5 minutes in the last hour, for every hour in the last day, for every day in the last week, for every week in the last month and finally for every month. Sounds complicated, but you'll se what we mean when you open the revision dialog from the map menu in the top menu bar.

You can browse through the old revisions using the left and right arrow buttons. Using the "clock"-like button to the left restores a revision. This means that you can copy the state of an older revision to the current version, effectively rolling back your mind map. So if you think that you mind map developed in the wrong direction, it's easy to go back. Finally, to leave the revision view you can use the close button to the right of the revision menu.