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Keyboard shortcuts

Some actions in Mind42 can also be performed with the keyboard instead of the mouse. This saves time and will boost your efficiency.


  • CTRL-Z (Windows) / CMD-Z (Mac): Undo
  • CTRL-Y (Windows) / CMD-Y (Mac): Redo
  • CTRL-F (Windows) / CMD-F (Mac): Search
  • +: Zoom in
  • -: Zoom out
  • Mouse wheel: Scroll mind map

With selected node

  • C (TAB): New child
  • S (SHIFT-TAB): New sibling
  • ENTER: Edit node
  • DEL (BACKSPACE): Delete node
  • CTRL-UP (Windows) / CMD-UP (Mac): Move selected node above preceding sibling
  • CTRL-DOWN (Windows) / CMD-DOWN (Mac): Move selected node below following sibling
  • UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT: Select node to the top/bottom/left/right
  • CTRL-X (Windows) / CMD-X (Mac): Cut
  • CTRL-C (Windows) / CMD-C (Mac): Copy
  • CTRL-V (Windows) / CMD-V (Mac): Paste
  • E: Collapse/Expand node
  • 1: Open note editor
  • 2: Open todo editor
  • 3: Open link editor
  • 4: Open image editor
  • 5: Open icon editor
  • 6: Open style editor

While editing nodes:

  • ENTER: Quit editing and apply changes
  • ESC: Quit editing and discard changes
  • SHIFT-ENTER: Create new line