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Mind mapping

Hand drawn mind map by Aranya
Published on Wikipedia licensed under the GFDL
Mind mapping is about collecting ideas in a graphical way. Ideas get arranged in a tree or star like diagram to visualize connections between different topics. More information about mind mapping is available at Wikipedia.

Mind42 is a software application that supports the creation of mind maps. It's a specialized tool to quickly create, manage and edit the kind of data structure required for mind maps. Of course mind maps can be used for nearly everything, from todo lists to knowledge collections, but there are better suited tools for that (for example it also would be possible to write a letter with Paint, but nobody would do that). So Mind42 is not a multiple purpose diagramming tool, it's really about entering thoughts, arranging and refining them, and exploring ideas in a graphical way.

Web application

Mind42 is a web application. This means, it's basically a more intelligent web site. Therefore Mind42 (and the data you created with it) is available everywhere where you have access to the internet, and you don't have to download or install anything. On the other hand this means, it's only available online and there is no downloadable app or local version.

Supported browsers

Mind42 uses modern HTML5 and CSS3 technology. Therefore, to get the best Mind42 experience, you'll need a modern browser like recent versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apples Safari. When using Internet Explorer the best experience is achieved when using Internet Explorer 9 or above. Mind42 will also work with Internet Explorer 7 and 8, but the interface will be shown in a degraded version (without rounded corners, soft shadows and so on). We haven't tested Mind42 with Opera or other browsers, but as long as the browser supports modern standards, Mind42 should basically work.